Arran Brewery Newsletter September 2018

Let us first of all apologise for the lack of a Newsletter last month, in many ways August is always our busiest month, and this year was no different. Our beer has been flying off the shelves, and it’s been all hands on deck as we’ve been brewing and bottling away to keep up with demand.

But, it’s a great problem to have and we’re amazingly happy that so many people are enjoying our great beer, and on with this months newsletter.

Insignia Lager

We mentioned that it was going out to be sampled at our Loch Earn Brewery Bar, but we’re very happy to announce that our Insignia Lager is going to be on wider release soon. We’ve prepared the branding for the 2.8% abv Lager, and it’s going to be hitting pubs and bars real soon. However it will not be available in Can or Bottle to begin with, so you won’t be able to order it online for a wee while yet. But keep an eye out when you’re out and about and see if you can spot our newest offering.

More Insignia

We’re also going to be offering a 3.6% abv version in select places in Glasgow and Edinburgh, rolling this version out to more and more cities. The branding will highlight a signature building or location for each city. We’ve chosen the Statue of Wellington (with the ever present traffic cone on his head) for Glasgow, and of course for Edinburgh is there anywhere more iconic than Edinburgh Castle itself.

The Isle of Arran, Holiday Destination

We got a mention in this article about the Isle of Arran as a holiday destination, and while we’re delighted to be recognised as a tourist attraction on the island, we’ve got to agree that Arran can’t be beaten as a place to visit. The Isle of Arran is a retreat you can’t beat: Leave your cares (and kids!) behind with an idyllic island getaway

Attacked by Hackers

As you may have seen in the press, we were targeted by hackers who spread ransomware to one of our servers. This server did not contain any customer details, and we make sure not to store any sensitive data such as Credit Card details at all. But it did contain call records and files. The ransomware was devious and managed to encrypt everything on the server, and worked it’s way through the online backups as well. This required us to go back to our last offline backups, which were unfortunately 3 months old.

After an intensive few days work from IT support experts we called in, everything was back up and running, and even now they’re still working to see if we can get back anything we lost from the last 3 months. Protection is now in place, and we’re working to ensure that we never face a repeat of the same problem.

Arran Sunset: ABV:4.4% vol

Isle of Arran Sunset Premium beer brings together a unique balance of nature and freshness only rarely found. Isle of Arran Sunset delivers a mature taste of receding brightness and leaves a lingering colourful glow. This glorious product is brewed from only the purest water and natural ingredients, and free of artificial additives or preservatives. Naturally.

Nose: Citrusy grapefruit notes are abundant, backed up with some essences of used leather and a scent of smokiness to finish off.

Palate: Powerful flavour of citrus fruits from the hops. There are dry notes of grape fruit, wood, some smoke just like the aroma of the beer.

Appearance: Dark golden hue with great clarity, fluffy white head in the company of a gentle carbonation.

Finish: Soft fizzy mouth feel throughout with a rather clean and crisp finish; very light-bodied and mild flavoured ale.

Comments: Well bodied summer ale, gentle perfume with a good balance of fruitiness, maltyness and hops. Perfect for any BBQ session.

Find out more, here!

Well, that’s all we’ve got this month.

From everyone at The Isle of Arran Brewery

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