Isle of Arran Blonde Premium Beer is a product of its place: an island where nature still holds sway, where tradition is still valued. Arran blonde combines substance with zest, significance with freshness. A truly fine beer brewed from only the purest water and natural ingredients, and free of artificial additives or preservatives. Naturally.
Nose: Mild biscuity malts, herbal hops with discernible lemon notes infuse to create a beautiful aroma.
Palate: Light toasted malts with a taste of citrus hops. The sharpness is tampered down by a creamy smoothness.
Appearance: Light golden ale with a glowing warm honey hue.
Finish: Medium to light, pleasant, more sweet than a bitter, with a hint of golden syrup.
Comments: A delicate floral hoppy aroma. A subtle, well balanced finish with good character.

ABV: 5% vol.

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Siba Beer Awards 2017 Gold Award “Champion Keg Standard Mild and Brown Ales”

SIBA Awards 2013 Bronze Award “Gold Bottled Beers”

International Beer Challenge 2012

SIBA Awards 2012 Bronze Award “Champion Bottled Beers”

Europe’s best Grain Only Wheat Beer at the World Beer Awards 2010.

2 gold stars at the Great Taste of Britain Awards 2010

International Beer Challenge 2010 Silver Award

The 22nd Great Grampian Beer Festival 2008

2005 Fleetwood CAMRA – Beer of the Festival

2003 SIBA Gold Award – Best British Beer

2003 Safeways Wheat Beer Challenge

2002 SIBA Best Bottled Beer in Britain

2002 SIBA Champion Wheat Beer of Britain

2001 Kingdom of Fife CAMRA Beer of Festival

2001 Ayrshire & Galloway CAMRA Beer of Festival

2001 Southport CAMRA Beer of Festival

2001 Bradford CAMRA Best Beer

2001 Wheat Beer Challenge Champion Wheat Beer of Britain

2001 Wheat Beer Challenge First Prize

2000 Ayrshire & Galloway CAMRA Beer of Festival