Tempted to join the Craft Beer Revolution?

The Arran Brewery has, offered its shares to the public via a crowd funding offer.   What shareholders get in the way of perks are vouchers for discounts on accommodation on Arran and at Loch Earn, brewery visits, tours and associated tastings, shopping online for Arran beers and a host of other benefits.   What is the brewery going to do with the money:  It’s going to try and open two new breweries, a distillery and a brewing school not to mention upgrade the brewery on Arran.  This will see it with a portfolio of three breweries and a distillery, Arran Brewery, Loch Earn Brewery, Forth and Clyde Brewery and Camelon Distillery. So investors get potentially a share in three breweries and a distillery.  What a Christmas gift that is?   Managing Director Gerald Michaluk said we “I strongly urge those interested to visit our website and read our share offer. We need to raise a whole heap of money (£4m) to achieve all our ambitions so if you want to help us and become part of the Craft Beer revolution visit our website”.   Shares are priced at £80 each and can be purchased online by debit card.   www.arranbrew.co.uk

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